science experiment

we have been working on science experiments and i did it on why do we have albino eyes i had two containers and red white and blue paint i put white paint in both containers and in one container i put red witch represents blood and the other container i put alot of blue and abit of red and i mixed both of the containers and then that one container represented blood in the eye  and that was the albino eye and the other container represents blood and the color pigment

body maps

we are doing this thing you are in a group of 4 and we have to trace someone and my friend traced me and we have to get materials to represent some part of the human body example brain we used moss im pretty sure and a coffee thing and that was are brain so we need to get supplies to do that and at the end it will show all the parts of the human body


when i am playing basketball we have to have good sportsmanship because when people fall we have to help them up thats being a good sport and if we win or loose we have to be good sports so we say good game you played great good try and you aways have to be a good sport if your not you cannot play alot of games because you have to be good sports so you wont be all mad if you loose or braging when you win so be a good sport